Game of the Week XLVIII: Carlsen, Magnus (2855) – Nepomniachtchi, Ian (2782)

Game of the Week XLVIII Carlsen,Magnus (2855) - Nepomniachtchi,Ian (2782)

The brain may fail you when the tension is at the highest level.

Several years ago, as a young and ambitious player, I made a bad move in an important game which led to a position where I got tortured for a long time and eventually lost after a drawish but difficult-to-defend endgame. Coping with this type of loss was difficult, to say the least.

Afterward, a friend of mine told me to check out how a top grandmaster ruined a position in a high-level tournament. Seeing such a mistake helped me to be a bit easy on myself because it reminded me that I am also a human who can make errors under pressure.

Even after preparing all their lives and intensively for several months beforehand, top-level players like Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi can still make mistakes under extreme pressure. This brings us to the Game of the Week…

Game of the Week XLVIII is – Carlsen vs. Nepomniachtchi

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Grandmaster Vasif Durarbayli

Edited by Della Almind

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