Game of the Week XII: Prohászka, Péter (2581) vs. Wang, Kevin (2402)

Game of the Week XII: Prohászka, Péter (2581) vs. Wang, Kevin (2402)

In his book Grandmaster Opening Preparation, Jaan Ehlvest splits opening approaches into two categories:

  1. Researcher, where “you work and create something of your own”
  2. Non-Researcher, which is “the easier one….[just] copy the best lines available on the market”

As an example, Ehlvest referred to Botvinnink a Researcher and to Tal as a Non-Researcher. It is also important to note that he mentions that it is hard to be strictly one or the other nowadays – a strong chess player should be able to find the balance.

As described previously, the Non-Researcher approach is the most convenient, especially for less experienced players. This approach to learning might include simply reading periodicals, journals, or blogs like ours  Some ideas provided in our analyses can be implemented immediately by players of all levels. Most importantly, all games that we write about are “fresh”, which means that the ideas you read about here could be repeated against you very soon.

The first game that you will read about below was a candidate for Game of the Week XII.  Interestingly, we analyzed a game that started similarly in our Game of the Week IX article – check it out if you haven’t already!  We hope the analysis will help you avoid the opening missteps that happened here in your own games. 

Game of the Week is: Prohászka, Péter vs. Wang, Kevin

My friend Péter Prohászka has now made Game of the Week twice, this time on the winning side! He demonstrated deep opening preparation and outstanding execution in this game.

Critical Position


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Grandmaster Vasif Durarbayli

Grandmaster Burak Firat

Edited by Della Almind

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