Game of the Week XI: Ivic, Velimir (2607) – Markus, Robert (2625)

Game of the Week XI- Ivic,Velimir (2607) - Markus,Robert (2625)

There are several types of advantages in chess. After the material advantage, the easiest one to recognize is probably the space advantage, where a player controls considerably more squares than their opponent.

It is common knowledge that the side with a space advantage should avoid trading pieces because the side with a space disadvantage has difficulty maneuvering the pieces.

Often, the side with the advantage spends a few tempos just to avoid trading pieces. Therefore, a question arises: What would happen if the player with the advantage instead kept the tempos and traded some of the pieces? This brings us to the Game of the Week…

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Game of the Week XI- Ivic vs. Markus

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GM Vasif Durarbayli

GM Ulvi Bajarani

Edited by Della Almind

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