Game of the Week IX: Valles Moreno, I (2401) – Soham, Das (2330)

Game of the Week IX: Valles Moreno, I (2401) - Soham, Das (2330)

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

– George Santayana

This quote reminds us why we should learn from history in order to help us to avoid the mistakes made by prior generations. 

A common piece of advice to chess players is to study the classic chess books, especially those by the World Champions that include their own annotations on their best games. This helps players to better understand the evolution of the game.

A prime example of such a book is Kramnik: My Life and Games by Kramnik and Damsky, which made a strong impression on Magnus Carlsen as a child. For instance, the game below with Kramnik’s commentary can be found in that book:

This game has already become a classical example of a breakthrough theme. However, quite some players might have not known about or have forgotten about this game. This brings us to the Game of the Week….

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Game of the Week IX: Valles vs. Soham

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GM Vasif Durarbayli

GM Ulvi Bajarani

Edited by Della Almind

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