Game of the Week XXXIX: Bjerre, Jonas Buhl (2550) – Grandelius, Nils (2666)

Game of the Week XXXIX

The story goes that Robert James Fischer used to study all published chess games, including the USSR Women’s Chess Championship. The same probably goes for the current top players. Frankly speaking, I have not been very attentive and following the events closely.

Nevertheless, since I am always in search of a good game for my article, I have been feeling the benefit of checking the games and taking notes first-hand. I strongly recommend other players to do this for learning.

A while ago, the games between Firouzja vs. Vidit and Hakobian vs. Sindarov got my attention due to a very interesting opening idea with the Open Spanish. However, the results of White’s 0.5 point did not reflect the strength of the idea. Often, when the result is not good, it goes unnoticed, but not for the world champion and/or his team. For example, Carlsen Magnus used the idea against Mamedyarov in the online rapid match on 26/09/2021.

 The next day, I assume that young Danish Grandmaster Jonas Bjerre wanted to use the same idea against Nils Grandelius. To his surprise, Grandelius also took note of the game and came prepared with a rare idea….

Game of the Week XXXIX is: Bjerre, Jonas Buhl vs. Grandelius, Nils

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Grandmaster Vasif Durarbayli

Edited by Della Almind

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