Game of the Week XXI: Daggupati, Balaji (2486) – Brodsky, David (2484)

Game of the Week XXI-Daggupati,Balaji (2486) - Brodsky,David (2484)

In the good ol’ days of the Romantic Era of chess, winning with a beautiful ending was a common end goal.

Players would try to create aesthetically-pleasing finales; sometimes, even their opponents in a lost position would assist in crafting immortal games that made the history books.

Though having technically taken place just beyond the Romantic Era, many tales have come about regarding the legendary game between Wilhelm Steinitz and Curt von Bardeleben in the Hastings 1895 chess tournament. Apparently, von Bardeleben exited the tournament hall without allowing Steinitz to demonstrate the beautiful mate after move 25 on the board; however, the spectacular game was nonetheless immortalized in chess history.

The former World Champion Capablanca later described the Steinitz vs. von Bardeleben game as “one of the last masterpieces handed to us by the ‘Grand Old Man’”.

The note of the game below is taken from Chessbase Mega Database 2022.

Today, the sportive element of the game has taken increasing precedence over beauty; most modern players typically do not care how they win so long as they do. However, either out of necessity or per the taste of the players, beautiful finales are fortunately still occasionally observed in modern chess. This leads us to the Game of the Week…

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Game of the Week XXI: Daggupati vs. Brodsky

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GM Ulvi Bajarani

GM Vasif Durarbayli

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