Game of the Week XVIII: Zhao, Jun (2638) – Yu, Yangyi (2709)

Game of the Week XVIII- Zhao,Jun (2638) - Yu,Yangyi (2709)

By Guest Contributor Grandmaster Vahap Sanal. Another great event, the Chinese Chess Championship, is happening this week. With a lineup full of unique players capable of producing exceptional games, I am sure this tournament will showcase many more interesting games like the following.

Today’s Game of the Week is a prime example of how overlooking a simple nuance can create difficulties in high-level games. We have to control our temptation to play natural-looking moves and remember that chess is a complex game with so many details in every position. One must focus and carefully examine those details in each position if aiming for perfection in their game.

Game of the Week is:  Zhao, Jun vs. Yu, Yangyi 

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Grandmaster Vahap Sanal

Grandmaster Burak Firat

Edited by Della Almind

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