Game of the Week XV: Can, Emre (2578) – Nihal Sarin (2648)

Game of the Week XV: Can, Emre (2578) - Nihal Sarin (2648)

When there is no light piece in front of the king, such as a knight on the 3rd or 6th rank, I call it a “lone king concern”.

As you would guess, in these situations, the king becomes vulnerable, especially when enemy pieces are nearby. This is why many strong players often keep the knight on f6 or f3, for instance; however, sometimes in the heat of the battle, the pieces stack a bit far from their king, allowing the opponent to deliver the final blow.

This brings us to the Game of the Week…

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Game of the Week XV: Can vs. Nihal

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GM Vasif Durarbayli

GM Ulvi Bajarani

Edited by Della Almind

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