Game of the Week XLV: Keymer, Vincent (2639) – Bjerre, Jonas Buhl (2569)

Game of the Week XLV: Keymer, Vincent (2639) - Bjerre, Jonas Buhl (2569)

Wilheim Steinitz famously claimed that the king is a strong piece and can defend himself.

The first World Champion’s firm belief in this statement could be seen in his games, though sometimes, he appeared to put a bit too much trust in that assertion. Occasionally, the king would end up in a dangerous spot right in the middle of his games.

Today, we appreciate the king’s potential, but most players are hesitant to move it further from the usual spots. In most players’ games, king movement happens when either the opponent forced it and nothing else could be done, or when they prepared a “king walk” at home and have trust in the engine’s report. 

This brings us to this week’s Game of the Week.

Game of the Week XLV is– Keymer vs. Bjerre

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