Game of the Week XLII: Yoo, Christopher (2485) – Mardov, Dimitar (2373)

Game of the Week is XLII- Yoo vs. Mardov

The new generation of chess players has been fascinating me with their approach to the opening. The opening ideas that I often see in their games result in a visually ugly-looking, underdeveloped position on the surface.

However, there is usually a certain tactical idea behind these positions that justifies such underdevelopment. Usually, this type of approach involves a long line in which every move must be memorized; otherwise, it could end badly for the player attempting it

Successful older generations of players have also been trying to apply this approach to their games as well, which is why they are able to maintain their competitive advantage against newer players.

Today’s game clearly illustrates this concept in White’s excellent opening preparation.

Game of the Week is XLII – Yoo vs. Mardov

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