Game of the Week L: Mamedov, Rauf (2656) – Anand, Viswanathan (2751)

Game of the Week L-Mamedov,Rauf (2656) - Anand,Viswanathan (2751)

The engine equalizes easily when it comes to sidelines, which can create false impressions of security.

Because of this, such variations are not deeply studied by the majority of players who play against the line. Also, a player may think that finding “simple” moves will not be difficult in order to avoid playing those lines. 

However, from time to time, someone prepares sidelines to play against strong opposition and a miracle occurs. Even World Champions in certain situations like this may not react well. This brings us to the Game of the Week…

Game of the Week – Mamedov vs. Anand

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Grandmaster Vasif Durarbayli

Edited by Della Almind

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